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Tulip High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Our skin is made of many different layers and of different depth (millimetre, mm). Each layer of the skin serves a unique function that affects the condition of our skin and ultimately our appearance. Skin care treatments and technologies available today are designed to target specifically at different layers of the skin to produce different results. Some skin tightening technology however only targets and works on one layer of the skin (known as the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System or SMAS layer) during each treatment. Thus, this takes a longer time and more treatment sessions to see the results you want.

In contrast to conventional skin tightening treatments in the market, here at Pure Skin, we offer you our signature skin tightening treatment that utilizes the TULIP HIFU technology, which is the most advanced of HIFU technology.

TULIP HIFU targets and works on multiple skin layers (3 layers) in just one single treatment session. Its multiple high intensity ultrasound energy is emitted fractionally, layers by layers. This treatment is a 4-steps process done in just one single treatment session. It is a very effective treatment, delivers optimum results instantly and these results are long lasting.
  1. It works on the 3rd layer (SMAS layer; 4.5mm) and helps to tighten skin, lifts up skin and improves skin elasticity.
  2. It works on the 2nd layer (lower dermis, 3.0mm) to stimulate production of natural skin collagen, and lifts up the skin around eye-brow and nasolabial folds (smiles or laugh lines) areas.
  3. It works on the 1st layer (upper dermis, 1.5mm) to reduce skin pores, reduce fine lines and tones the skin.
  4. It works on all skin layers, and focus on a specific problem skin area and small skin surface areas which are difficult to reach e.g. around the eye area. TULIP HIFU comes equipped with a probe known as Spot Shot Handle probe, which helps to effectively target these small and narrow areas on your face to reduce deep wrinkles around the eye area. It also helps to reduce smiles or laugh lines (nasolabial folds) and fine lines around the neck area.

Why TULIP HIFU Treatment?
  • Targets and works on multiple layers (3 layers) of the skin in just one single treatment.
  • Able to reach small and narrow areas on the face with the Spot Shot Handle probe.
  • A complete face and neck therapy that targets all layers and surface areas of the skin.
  • Non-invasive treatment (no injections or use of sedative agents).
  • Safe treatment with no significant side effects
  • Gentle and comfortable to the skin.
  • No downtime. You can return to your normal routine immediately after treatment.

What are the results can I expect from just one single TULIP HIFU treatment?
  1. Eye lifting
  2. Face lifting
  3. Skin Tightening
  4. Smoothening and Whitening of skin
  5. Refined skin pores
  6. A more contoured face with defined 3D facial feature (A very amazing result for Asian skin)
  7. Slim face, with the breakdowns fat cells
  8. Stimulates production of natural skin collagen and improves elasticity
  9. Reduced laugh lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the face and neck

Pure Skin - TULIP HIFU
Your skin has aged with time. It sags. You spotted fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet on your face and neck. Your skins pores are larger. You can feel that your skin loses its firmness and suppleness. You feel low and inferior. So, why wait any longer when Pure Skin offers you the right treatment solutions, which are effective and safe to solve all these skin problems?

Sign up today for your TULIP HIFU treatments here at Pure Skin to experience phenomenal transformation. You will see immediately how your face and neck improve – no more laugh lines, wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin regains its firmness and suppleness, and you will look so much younger. All these results can be achieved within just one treatment session!

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